Welcome to my site. I’m Micah Mathews , the author of The Kallans books. The first instalment of this series – Beginnings: Empire – has been released and is available to download or to order from www.amazon.com, www.lulu.com, the iBookstore and Barnes & Noble.

The stories that make up The Kallans reveals a mysterious people. Who are they? Where did they come from? How do they view humans on Earth? Each installment of the series will reveal more of the history and the current affairs of this race.

The first instalment – Beginnings: Empire – introduces some of the main characters: Daniel Ravika, Emma Jarayka, Jamie Brigg and the mysterious Rikardo Secoratika, the Kordagsar of the Kallans.

This site will be updated with all the latest information and news regarding the stories and books. At times I’ll post interviews or questions and answers about the characters, the background and the development of each book. Keep checking back regularly to find all the news and happenings.

The Kallans - Beginnings: Empire by Micah Mathews

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Please explore the site, have a read of the first chapter of The Kallans – Beginnings: Empire, and get in touch via Social Media to give me your feedback and ideas.

Micah Mathews
August 2018