The Kallans – Beginnings: Empire is now available!

The Kallans – Beginnings: Empire is now available!

Empire – the first installment of Beginnings, the introductory novels of series The Kallans – is now available in both ePUB format and in printed form.

The Kallans: Beginnings: Empire by Micah Mathews
Empire is the first book in Beginnings the introduction to the series of books The Kallans by Micah Mathews.

This first part of the story of The Kallans introduces this mysterious people and helps provide some of the background to their story. Where did they come from? How do they view humans on Earth?

The story covers a few weeks in the lives of several characters, Daniel Ravika, Emma Jarayka, Jamie Brigg and the mysterious Rikardo Secoratika, the Kordagsar of the Kallans.

Empire is currently available as an ePUB on and

The printed version of the book is available on and will be soon available on

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