Blogs The Kallan Royal Family

The Kallan Royal Family

One of the biggest challenges for a writer is to successfully have a backstory that doesn’t have large gaping holes in it. My personality is one that likes to fill in all the little details. Perhaps this is why I’m so keen on writing. Creating a character is always a challenge. To make sure that …

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Blogs Developing Kallan Calligraphy

Developing Kallan Calligraphy

The often say that communication is important to civilization. Writing down communication is strongly linked to that. So when I started creating the Kallan civilisation, how they wrote was an important part of that. For those that have read the first novel, you will know that the Kallans don’t have a single language that they …

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News Early Preview of Kallan Calligraphy

Early Preview of Kallan Calligraphy

Hi everyone, wanted to share with you an early preview of some work I’ve been doing on some ideas for Kallan Calligraphy, that is the lettering and writing used by the Kallans. It’s been fun trying to work on it so that it has a unique quality, but at the same time isn’t too crazy …

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New Short Stories First Short Story of New Series Available on Patreon

First Short Story of New Series Available on Patreon

The first of a new series of short stories I’ve started working on has been published over on Patreon – The Chair. It’s the first part of a series of stories that will be published under the title Academy. This series will explore a few of the characters that have appeared in my first novel …

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