First Short Story of New Series Available on Patreon

First Short Story of New Series Available on Patreon

The first of a new series of short stories I’ve started working on has been published over on PatreonThe Chair. It’s the first part of a series of stories that will be published under the title Academy. This series will explore a few of the characters that have appeared in my first novel Empire, in particular Daniel Ravika, during their time at the Kallan Academy of Command. Each story will provide a glimpse into the history of characters helping us to understand their motivation and actions later in life.

If you want to read the story and don’t want to wait until its published in book form, simply sign up to Patreon for at least $1 per month and you will get access to it. My aim is to publish at least one of the short story per month on Patreon, as well as some early access to some blogs about my writing. Any who contribute who become my Patron during my development of the stories for Academy will get their name published on the Patrons page that will appear in the book, as well as any other books and novels I produce while they are Patrons.

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