Adding the Lore and Inception

Adding the Lore and Inception

Just a small update to things. The past month or two has been busy with a few things, including revising some of the early chapter of Breakout, as well as working on the Academy short stories I’ve been writing the past year. The first six, already released, are going through final revisions. They read a lot nicer than they did in their early versions. I’ve got the following two stories almost ready as well, and some ideas for the next few stories, one of which I’m working on at the moment.

I also came to a couple of decisions.

First, I decided to include the glossary entries that are packaged in with each book/collection. At the moment they’re split into Technical, Cultural and Pronunciation. The Pronunciation guide helps with the names of places and people in the stories. The Technical helps with some of the terms I’ve been using. Cultural adds some details to some references that appear from time to time that might be difficult to understand without context. The plan is to add to these as stories and novels develop. I hope this helps make things easier.

Second, it was suggested that calling the first collection of Academy stories Volume 1 was a bit unimaginative. So… I’ve chose a new name…The Kallans - Academy: Inceptionby Micah Mathews

Academy: Inception

Hopefully, with this new change, it will make the book a bit more interesting to read up on. I’ll post up a revised cover for it later on.

I’ll have another update and blog out soon. Keep watching the site here for more news and info.

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