Why 2002?

Why 2002?

The first book that begins to tell the story of the Kallans (Beginnings – Empire) starts in 2002… since it was released in 2017, some have asked why 2002?

The main reason is that the origins of the story is from well before 2002, when I was growing up and creating and writing stories as a young person. I had many ideas, and began to put together the universe and places in the story.

I knew I wanted the Kallans to have their beginnings far earlier than the present era, so I set it as just at the beginning of the first millennium of our era. That opened the way for my first story to introduce the key characters and put it in an era when there were important things for the Kallans.

It was also in 2002 that I began to write the basics of the first novel, though many years passed before I even looked seriously at self-publishing. It was only in 2016/2017 that I looked into how I could do that.

At the time I looked at the story again and began reworking and updating it, I realised that having a few years gap between the time in the story and when I was writing would let me introduce links in with some of the real life events that had happened, adding a bit more realism to the storytelling.

At the moment the sequel is moving forward a short time from the events of Empire, but the collection of short stories (Academy – Inception) is going back to events earlier in the lives of some of the main characters from the novels, filling in gaps and explaining background to help explain the characters in the present.

But… staying in 2002 isn’t going to be permanent. I have plans and ideas for stories that date back even older than that…

I’ll keep you posted on some of those ideas and stories as they get closer to fruition.

Let me know what you think to the idea of setting my first few stories in the 2000s.

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