About Me

About Me

Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Micah Mathews and I’m an the author of The Kallans stories, the first of which is out now: The Kallans – Beginnings: Empire.

This series is bringing a new perspective to science fiction. It is based around the activities of the Kallan Empire, and the stories develop the backdrop and mystery of their origins while moving forward into their future.

My writing and my stories have been influenced by many science fiction books and films. You will be able to see some of that influence in my stories, as well as some of my own more unique ideas and perspectives.

I was born in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom and have enjoyed writing and creating stories since my childhood. I’m looking forward to sharing more of those stories, as well as writing some blogs about the ideas behind my stories.

Please take a look around my website and at some of my stories and start your journey to Kalla. Feel free to post reviews and comments on my various stories and blogs and to ask questions. I’m looking forward to that feedback and being able to answer your questions.