Blogs Why 2002?

Why 2002?

The first book that begins to tell the story of the Kallans (Beginnings – Empire) starts in 2002… since it was released in 2017, some have asked why 2002? The main reason is that the origins of the story is from well before 2002, when I was growing up and creating and writing stories as …

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News Adding the Lore and Inception

Adding the Lore and Inception

Just a small update to things. The past month or two has been busy with a few things, including revising some of the early chapter of Breakout, as well as working on the Academy short stories I’ve been writing the past year. The first six, already released, are going through final revisions. They read a …

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Blogs Gallery


I’ve been working on some of the star systems and uploaded some of the images to a new Gallery area that can be found from the link in the menu at the top of each page, or here: Feel free to wander through the images as I add them. I’ll post updates in blogs when …

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Blogs Creating Stars

Creating Stars

For a long time when I first conceptualised my idea of what the star system of Kalla, I had no way of recreating it. What do the star and blackhole look like? How do I describe it? Back then in the early 2000s I could grab a few pictures of the internet of what an …

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Blogs The Kallan States

The Kallan States

As you start reading any of the novels or short stories I’ve written, you’ll see mention to different places within Kalla. Locations are a big part of any story, but often not everything is told in a single story. It’s not always possible to say much in a scene or story without it sounding like …

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News A Busy November

A Busy November

A few have been asking: “What’s happened to you during November? Where’s the latest short story?” Well, it’s been a busy November. I’ve been working on the latest stories (yes, plural), as well as tidying up, proofreading and improving the older stories I’ve already put out. In the next few months I hope to release …

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New Short Stories The Kallans – Academy: Words

The Kallans – Academy: Words

THE pounding on the door gradually seeped through into his semi-conscious brain. Daniel Ravika pulled himself from his sleep and sat up. He stared at his desk in front of him. He mused have fallen asleep at it while working on his assignments the previous night. Not good. He should have gone to bed earlier. …

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Short Stories The Kallans – Academy: Freefall

The Kallans – Academy: Freefall

“THIRTY seconds before the jump,” the tall and blonde Masian instructor called out to the group of students sat in the small cargo hold of the little starship. It was currently in low orbit over Kalla 9b. Emma Jarayka groaned, putting her face in her hands and trying to control her breathing. She was struggling …

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Blogs All About Languages

All About Languages

Within the Kallan Empire there are many languages and dialects. Some are already referred to in existing stories, others are going to be mentioned in future short stories or novels. How should I handle the many languages referred to was something I thought long and hard about. Having learned (or tried to learn) other languages, …

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Short Stories The Kallans – Academy: Induction

The Kallans – Academy: Induction

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