Blogs Why 2002?

Why 2002?

The first book that begins to tell the story of the Kallans (Beginnings – Empire) starts in 2002… since it was released in 2017, some have asked why 2002? The main reason is that the origins of the story is from well before 2002, when I was growing up and creating and writing stories as …

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Blogs Gallery


I’ve been working on some of the star systems and uploaded some of the images to a new Gallery area that can be found from the link in the menu at the top of each page, or here: Feel free to wander through the images as I add them. I’ll post updates in blogs when …

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Blogs Creating Stars

Creating Stars

For a long time when I first conceptualised my idea of what the star system of Kalla, I had no way of recreating it. What do the star and blackhole look like? How do I describe it? Back then in the early 2000s I could grab a few pictures of the internet of what an …

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Blogs The Kallan States

The Kallan States

As you start reading any of the novels or short stories I’ve written, you’ll see mention to different places within Kalla. Locations are a big part of any story, but often not everything is told in a single story. It’s not always possible to say much in a scene or story without it sounding like …

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Blogs All About Languages

All About Languages

Within the Kallan Empire there are many languages and dialects. Some are already referred to in existing stories, others are going to be mentioned in future short stories or novels. How should I handle the many languages referred to was something I thought long and hard about. Having learned (or tried to learn) other languages, …

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Blogs To Warp or not to Warp

To Warp or not to Warp

When I first set to work on writing Empire, I was stuck with a problem in how I wanted The Kallans to navigate around the universe. Science fiction is full of many interesting ways of transporting people places, from warping and beaming in Star Trek, to the comical Somebody Else’s Problem field from the Hitchhiker’s …

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Blogs The Kallan Royal Family

The Kallan Royal Family

One of the biggest challenges for a writer is to successfully have a backstory that doesn’t have large gaping holes in it. My personality is one that likes to fill in all the little details. Perhaps this is why I’m so keen on writing. Creating a character is always a challenge. To make sure that …

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Blogs Developing Kallan Calligraphy

Developing Kallan Calligraphy

The often say that communication is important to civilization. Writing down communication is strongly linked to that. So when I started creating the Kallan civilisation, how they wrote was an important part of that. For those that have read the first novel, you will know that the Kallans don’t have a single language that they …

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Blogs Origin of my Writing and The Kallans

Origin of my Writing and The Kallans

I’ve been asked why I write stories, and in particular, where did I get the idea for The Kallans from? One is easier than the other to answer! When I was younger, one of my siblings struggled to sleep in the dark. They often worried a lot about whether there were monsters and scary things …

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