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[Solved] What's Your Latest Project?


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Looking at the empty forum I thought I'd start it off with a simple question on what your next/current/latest project is?



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That's a good question... though it'll need updating from time to time... 😀

To answer, my current project is working on Breakout, the sequel to Empire. It's a novel, looking like it will be longer than Empire. It takes up from where Empire left off.

At the moment I've planned it to be the second of three novels covering this first series of stories I want to write. I'm more than 25,000 words into it now and really enjoying how this story progresses. It's opening up more characters as well than we delved into in the first novel.

As well as that I'm working on writing a series of short stories surrounding the Masian Academy of Command (MAoC) which is the training school that trained most of the characters from these first two novels. They look at when the characters were at the Academy, and mostly cover a period of two years, though one or two might be outside of that.

The completed stories are available for Patreon patrons to read/download. 🙂

Micah Mathews

Thanks for the answer Micah. The short stories you've been working on are great. I really like Aquaria... one of the new characters I like. 🙂

Looking forward to reading the second novel. 🙂