Blogs All About Languages

All About Languages

Within the Kallan Empire there are many languages and dialects. Some are already referred to in existing stories, others are going to be mentioned in future short stories or novels. How should I handle the many languages referred to was something I thought long and hard about. Having learned (or tried to learn) other languages, …

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News Early Preview of Kallan Calligraphy

Early Preview of Kallan Calligraphy

Hi everyone, wanted to share with you an early preview of some work I’ve been doing on some ideas for Kallan Calligraphy, that is the lettering and writing used by the Kallans. It’s been fun trying to work on it so that it has a unique quality, but at the same time isn’t too crazy …

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Blogs Origin of my Writing and The Kallans

Origin of my Writing and The Kallans

I’ve been asked why I write stories, and in particular, where did I get the idea for The Kallans from? One is easier than the other to answer! When I was younger, one of my siblings struggled to sleep in the dark. They often worried a lot about whether there were monsters and scary things …

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